About Gustavo Souza Banegas

I am Ph.D. student at Tu/e (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven) under
the supervision of Tanja Lange and Daniel Bernstein.

About Gustavo Banegas

In the end of October (2015), I started my PhD at TU/e under the orientation of Tanja Lange and Daniel Bernstein.

In the beginning of October (2015), I defended my master thesis in applied cryptography (Polynomials and Finite Fields) under the orientation of Ricardo Custódio and Daniel Panário .

In 2012, I finished my diplom in computer science at UFSC (Federal Univesity of Santa Catarina) under the supervision of Ricardo Custódio.

Research Topics:

Quantum Algorithms
Post-Quantum Cryptography
Embedded Systems
Program Languages (Java, C++, Python and Ruby)


email: gustavo (at) cryptme (dot) in
skype: gustavo.souza.banegas
jabber: gustavobanegas (at) riseup (dot) net
fingerprint: 29B6B620 A3FD0CBA B4821D98 90560408 FA03450B